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5 Circle Facial
Our best-selling facial, providing you 90 minutes of the most uplifting, age-defying treatments combined into a single facial with a goal - lifted, glowing, hydrated skin. All the benefits of a traditional European facial with the pore-cleansing technology of ultrasonic (or microdermabrasion depending on client's needs) hand, arm and shoulder massage and a microcurrent treatment to lift and sculpt the facial muscles. Skin energy is increased by 500%, and you will see improved tone, texture and hydration. Microcurrent is a unique treatment that uses small electrical charges to stimulate the skin, facial muscles and energy stores of the cells. Most clients experience dramatic results with one session: lifted brows, defined cheeks and jawline, and an overall glow to the skin that will have people wondering you what you did.
90 min | $295
Back Facial
This 30 minute Back Facial is a concentrated service focused on deep-pore cleansing, extractions and hydration. The perfect service for the start of summer, a big event, or anytime you'll be showing some skin. 
30 min | $95
Classic European Facial
Recommended for first time visits or for your regular monthly treatment, this 60 minute facial is the way to have skin look as good as it feels, skin that glows, and that people notice. It's completely tailored to your skin type, and equally important, your skin condition, which changes with the seasons, stress, diet, lifestyle, hormones and age. When choosing the products for your facial, we take into consideration the many factors of your skin health so that you will get a precise mixture of ingredients to correct your skin concerns. Includes a double cleanse with steam, exfoliation, extractions if needed, an enzyme mask, a customized anti-aging mask and/or hydrating mask infused into your skin with detoxifying lymphatic massage. Serums will brighten uneven tone, diminish pigmentation and improve skin texture. Facial, neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage will circulate lymphatic fluid, decrease puffiness, and transform the way you feel. Ingredients will address sensitive skin issues, acneic skin, skin in need of brightening and firming.
60 min | $195
Essential Facial
The facial to get your skin clean, hydrated and protected. This 45 minute facial will be customized with products according to your skin condition and needs. This is for people who want all of the benefits of a facial, but none of the fluff. You will leave with clearer, smoother and healthier skin. The Essential Facial is the fastest way to beautiful skin. Includes double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if necessary), customized masks, serums, moisturizer and spf. The perfect facial for the busy person, or the one that can't sit still.
45 min | $145
Football Facial
Created specifically for teen athletes, the Football Facial targets acne, dirt, oil and congestion associated with sweat and long hours playing sports. We also discuss proper skin care, products, diet and ways to protect skin while killing it on the field. 
30 min | $115
Hydrating Facial
A results-driven facial treatment containing vitamin C, powerful enzymes and hyroxyacids to speed up the cellular turnover of your skin. Stem cells support the growth of new cells while botanical agents detoxify and balance your skin. You will see results with just a single treatment. This facial is not a peel, but it's the preparation for getting a series of peels. Your skin will be tingly and have a slightly tight feeling for a few days. A series of these enzyme treatments is an excellent choice for those who do not want, or cannot have, a chemical peel, but need more exfoliation than a traditional facial offers. It's the closest you'll get to a peel, without peeling, and the pregame for those getting a peel series.
75 min | $250
iS Fire & Ice Facial
60 minutes of IS Clinical's celebrated Fire & Ice facial. A celeb favorite, the Fire & Ice is an exfoliating treatment designed to safely resurface and rapidly rejuvenate the skin with little or no downtime. This facial will leave you with soft glowing skin, helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while aiding in the repair of sun damage and blemishes, resulting in a more youthful complexion.
Discontinue any tretinoin, glycolic acid and exfoliating products for 3 days prior to your appointment. No waxing 7 days prior.
60 min | $165
Resurfacing Facial
When exfoliation is needed in a relaxed facial setting, the resurfacing facial is in order. A combined service that has all of the elements of a classic facial, with added exfoliaton in the form of microderm or epidermal leveling. Your esthetician will help you decide which is the correct form for your skin. You will leave glowing and hydrated from the clinical component of this multiple treatment as well as perfectly relaxed. This facial represents the best of both medical grade exfoliation in the relaxed atmosphere of a unique spa setting.
60 min | $215
Ultrasonic Facial
Ultrasonic sound waves vibrate purified water deep into your pores to release dirt, oil and wash away dead skin cells, revealing the cleanest skin. Ultrasonic technology penetrates hydrating serums and antioxidants deeper into the skin than is possible with manual massage. An Ultrasonic Facial is an excellent choice for someone dealing with acne that needs thorough pore cleansing, without harsh chemicals or downtime. Ultrasonic machines exfoliate in a gentler way than microdermabrasion, making it a better choice for clients with sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin. Clients with dry, dehydrated skin will benefit from ultrasonic facials because each pore will be thoroughly cleansed which clears the way for hydrating products to be infused deep into the skin, through the epidermis, where tomorrow's skin lives. It's an investment in your future face.
60 min | $235
LED Treatment
LED Treatment
30 min | $40
Brows & Lashes
Brows & Lashes
Time ranges from 15 - 45 minutes depending on service.

Brow Shape | $40
Brow Tint | $45
Brow Tint & Tweeze  | $65
Lash Tint | $45
Lash & Brow Tint | $65
Trifecta (brow tint + shape + lash tint) | $95
Peels & Enzyme Treatment
Peel and Enzymes Treatment.

45 min | $295
Upgrade with hands + neck + chest | $50 

Virtual Consultation
In-depth Virtual Consultation with Denise. 
30 minutes | $100

Microcurrent Treatment
Microcurrent is a treatment that uses low levels of electrical current to stimulate facial muscles in order to sculpt and lift areas of the face, relax lines and wrinkles and decrease puffiness. Microcurrent does not freeze your face. Instead, it works by strengthening facial muscles and triggers chemical reactions at the cellular level to enhance the production of collagen and elastin. Your skin will be tighter, more toned and lifted. Treatments include infusion of peptides that send a signal through the live layers of the skin to prompt the formation of new collagen, reduce inflammation and increase cellular energy. This results in a rejuvenated, more sculpted appearance and vibrant skin. Specific techniques are used during the microcurrent session that results in a rested, radiant look. It’s like yoga…for your face. Just like exercise, the results are cumulative. A series of 6-12 is recommended for maximum results.
45 min | $150


"You cannot go wrong with a facial from Denise! She makes you feel comfortable immediately and follows that up with a relaxing, thorough facial. Love the products she uses and she never over-sells you in anything. Go she Denise and you will not be disappointed!"
-Beth H.
"HANDS DOWN BEST FACIAL I have ever had! My facial is always custom designed for my skin's unique needs. Denise evaluates my skin and then tells me which facial my face is asking for! Surprisingly it is always much less than what I think. I need. Honest, straight forward and talented."
-Lisa K.
"Denise Bell Skin Care was the best facial experience I have ever had. You will leave relaxed and with great looking skin. You will not find a more clean and professionally run office than here. I highly recommend DBSC."
-Paige B.

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